brand code for sv2000

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More Questions. Additional questions in this category. My DVD player on my TV/DVD combi has stopped responding. It won't 'take' disks, let alone read them!
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SV2000 FAQ - Who makes sv2000 tv - The sv2000 TV is made by a company called Funai, which is a manufacturing firm based in China. The sv. click for more FAQs
Code for tv/dvd combo brand SV2000? - sv2000 tv dvd combo remote code I own a television with DVD player, no remote control . . I have trouble finding one .
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Best Answer: Funai Electric Co., Ltd produce the SV2000 brand. Try these codes hope one works for you. 0192, 0247, 0447, 0591,0504,1608
Instructions: - Please select the brand of your unit - Then enter model number of your Remote, TV, DVD Player, etc. (Your units model number can be found on the label . brand code for sv2000
I am having problems with setting up this VCR. It seems to forget the chennel settings every few days. First time it did set up. And did not work a
What is the code for the GE Brand universal remote to the ILO brand TV? ChaCha Answer: The 4-digit codes for the ILO on the GE remote.
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Best Answer: Go Video Remotes usually work when all others fail.Two sites worth checking out that go into

brand code for sv2000

great detail are and http://www .
Best Answer: SV2000 is the brand. It is some knockoff company, I think. If I remember correctly most of their stuff is made by Symphonic/ Funai. You may have to do a .
remote controls Question: Is There A Code For SV2000 DVD Recorder? You need to mention the brand of your DVD Player too. However you can get your DVD Player unlocking .
Need a code for the SV2000 DVD recorder, for the Universal remote urc-r6. Anyone help me? Thanks.
I am looking for the remote code for an SV2000 tv dvd combo. I need it for a direct tv remote RC64.
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